Tours of the Library

Be our Guest.

Free tours of the Blackstone Library are offered to small groups or classes. Different tours are available depending on the age and interest level of each group. Tours can focus on the Youth Services Department, the library’s history, or architecture. They can also include a storytime, brief lessons on searching the catalog, or learning about the summer reading list and events. Tours can be arranged at various times, including evenings.

If you are a teacher, scout leader, or parent of a homeschooler, please contact us well in advance so that we can remind participants to bring their library card or arrange to have one made. Remember, the more time we have to prepare, the more tailored the experience will be. To arrange a tour please contact the Youth Services Department at 203. 488. 1441. ext. 321 or by email at

The Reference Department has recently created a Architecture Bingo hunt that can be printed from home or at the library in order to create a self guided tour. The Bingo Card allows small groups to look for architectural features as well as historical artifacts throughout the building. First to find 5 items in a row is able to scream BINGO! Bingo assistance or an answer key can be found at the Reference Desk. Happy Searching!