Pronunciator Languages and Citizenship Resources

Pronunciator offers a large number of languages to learn (164), in addition to 146 home languages and a wide range of instructional content — an average of 10,000 instructional phrases per language

Included are ESL courses (American, Australian, British, Canadian, Indian, Irish, New Zealand and Scottish English), each taught in any of 146 home languages. American Sign Language is offered as well.

There are also feature films with integrated drills and quizzes; video phrases where you can see the native speaker clearly speaking each instructional phrase and major label music with lyrics, and video city tours.

In addition, Pronunciator offers comprehensive citizenship courses for both new American and new Canadian citizens.

With over 100 instructional videos each, plus interactive drills and quizzes, ProCitizen: US and ProCitizen: Canada provide the civics, vocabulary, plus reading and writing practice that new citizens need to succeed at each country’s respective naturalization test.

ProCitizen: US is available in both English and Spanish. ProCitizen: Canada is available in English. To access ProCitizen: Canada, log into Pronunciator and choose Canadian English for both languages and then click on Learning Guides and More.