Planned Giving

A planned gift allows you to support and preserve the James Blackstone Memorial Library for future generations. The Blackstone was built in a time when investing in one’s community was not an obligation, but an honor. The intent of the library’s founders was not just to build an institution for themselves, but for their children, grandchildren and generations to follow.

When you choose to include the Blackstone Library in your long-term charitable planning, please let us know and allow us to welcome you as a member of the Heritage Circle, a special group of visionary philanthropists who have named Blackstone Library as a beneficiary in their will, retirement plan, or other deferred gift arrangement.

Here are some ways you can make a difference through a planned gift:

Direct Bequest

A charitable bequest to the Blackstone Library in your will is a powerful tool in leaving a lasting legacy for the Branford community. An unrestricted gift allows the Blackstone to apply funds to the most pressing needs, or put them aside for future projects. Simply bequeath to us in your will a specific sum of money or other asset. Our Board of Trustees will determine how your gift can best help the library and those it serves. See sample bequest language here.

Percentage or Residue

You may choose to leave the Blackstone a percentage of your estate or the “rest, residue and remainder” of your estate after all other bequests, debts and taxes have been paid. A percentage will compensate for any changes in the value of your estate over time.

Memorial Fund

You can establish a permanent memorial fund in your name or that of another person, with the income to be used as you direct. The principal will be invested and will continue to provide support to the organization in perpetuity. Minimum gift for a permanent memorial fund is $10,000.

Gift of Stock or Securities

The Blackstone accepts the transfer of appreciated stock and securities directly from you or from your broker. Many individuals choose to make gifts this way because of the extra tax advantages. Please contact Kathy Oxsalida, Blackstone Business Manager, at 203.488.1441, ext. 310, to discuss arrangements or follow these simple instructions.

Talk with your attorney or financial advisor about all of your long-term charitable options. There are many different ways to achieve your philanthropic goals, and we will be happy to discuss with you, as well as members of your family and your advisors, how you can create a lasting legacy for your community with a planned gift to the Blackstone Library.