Links & Resources

Quick Links

College and Career Answers why you should go to college, what steps you need to take, and how to pay.

FAFSA Free Application For Student Aid

Occupational Outlook Handbook Published by the U.S. Department of Labor Statistics, this comprehensive source provides detailed information on any and all careers, including required education, salary ranges, description of duties, and related sources.

Peterson’s College Planner Resources for finding the right college or study abroad program; studying for the SAT or ACT; finding the right college or university, exploring financial aid.

Sallie Mae Information on how to fund your college education.

Volunteer Match

Volunteer Solutions Great resources for finding the right volunteer opportunity for you.

Health and Nutrition

Center for Young Women’s Health Everything you need to know about teen health issues.

Family Education Lots of articles and information on teen health and nutrition, including dieting, eating disorders, healthy recipes, etc.

RAINN Rape victim support

TeenHealthFX Your online resource for any and all questions regarding your health, your relationships, your body and your sexuality.

TeensHealth Sports Nutrition Nutrition information for teen athletes

Teen Vegetarians Important information on why teens choose to “go meatless” – and how to be sure that if you’re a vegetarian, you’re getting the nutrition you need to keep you healthy today and into the future.


Ideas Worth Sharing This awesome site features real people’s thoughts, ideas and stories: sad, funny, fascinating, bizarre, and always inspirational.

Quoteland Need a quote for the yearbook? For a blog? For a love letter? Another reason? This site offers quotations on a zillion subjects.


Safe Teens Important advice on staying safe while still enjoying MySpace, Facebook, email, IM, chat, and more.

TeensHealth Internet Safety Tips for safely surfing the Web.

Substance Abuse and Smoking

American Lung Association American Lung Association fact sheet on teenage smoking

TeensHealth Drug Abuse Facts about teenage drug abuse.


FanFiction Are you a fan of fan fiction? Star Trek? Harry Potter? Twilight series? Whatever it is you’re into, this is the place to find others interested in the same thing.

FanFiction TV Find your favorite TV show and create your own storylines and read about others.

Teen Ink Here you can read writings by teens and submit your own pieces for publication.