Board of Trustees

The James Blackstone Memorial Library is governed by a board of trustees responsible for legal and fiscal authority of the library. The board of trustees provides input and oversight on policies, planning, and hiring of the library director. The board also represents the Branford community, ensuring the quality of library service and advocacy for adequate funding.

The board of trustees meets on the first Wednesday of each month, except for August. Agendas and approved meeting minutes are posted on the Town of Branford’s website.

Trustees 2023 – 2024

Pat Sanders – President
Michelle Blank – Vice President
Cheryl Kaiden – Secretary
Janice Kochanowski – Treasurer
Jack Thompson – Assistant Treasurer

Chad Edgar
Elizabeth Ferguson
Nancy Goldstein
Larry Greenberg
Mary-Rita Killelea
Beth Law
Andrew Melnick
Sue Wharfe
Lisa Zwack
Tom Keefe, RTM Ex-Officio
Jeffrey Vailette, RTM Board of Finance Ex-Officio
Yale University Librarian Ex-Officio

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