The Stony Creek Museum Presents: Papa Manteo’s Sicilian Marionette Tradition

Monday, November 7

6:30 pm - 7:30 pm

An interactive marionette demonstration and film presentation by award-winning documentary filmmaker, historian, speaker in the humanities, educator and puppeteer Tony De Nonno

With an authentic, hand-carved, Papa Manteo’s marionette in hand, Tony De Nonno will take people of all ages on an enlightening journey into the life and legacy of puppeteers Mike and Aida Manteo, their children, and grandchildren—a family bound together by a Sicilian folk tradition that spans a century in New York.

A special highlight of Mr. De Nonno’s presentation will be a celebration of the Macri Sicilian Marionettes that once called the Stony Creek Puppet House their home.

From the beginning to the end of this presentation, Mr. De Nonno’s invites individuals attending the ZOOM to interact directly with his marionette Orlando Furioso as this exciting 1,500-year-old, journey into the origins and artistry of this glorious Sicilian Marionette tradition unfolds before their eyes.

The presentation will also feature a few special moments from Tony De Nonno’s award-winning, nationally broadcast documentary film about the Papa Manteo Marionettes entitled– “It’s One Family: Knock on Wood,” and an excerpt from one of his many live marionette presentations.

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