Standing Committees of the Board of Trustees 2020-2021

Executive Committee
Function: Executive Director Performance and Compensation; Human Resources; Legal
Meets: As Needed
Composition: President, Vice President, Treasurer, Secretary, Assistant Treasurer

Building & Grounds
Function: Physical Plant Maintenance; Capital Acquisitions & Improvements
Meets: Quarterly
Composition: 4 Board Members, 2+ Outside Members; Town Facilities Representative; 1 Friend
Current Members: To be re-activated at completion of renovation project

Function: Annual Appeal, Special Events, Grant Writing and Oversight, Communications/PR
Meets: Monthly
Composition: 6 Board Members, 3 Outside Members, Development Staff, Friends President or Delegate
Current Members: Beth Law (Chair), Liz Ferguson, Mary-Rita Killelea, Ed Kirk, Hatsie Mahoney, Pat Sanders

Function: Budget; Financial/Investment Monitoring
Meets: Monthly
Composition: Treasurer, Assistant Treasurer, 2 Board Members: 1 BOF member
Current Members: Janice Kochanowski (Chair), Maryann Amore, Beth Law, Ed Kirk, Adam Spilka, Jack Thompson, Jeff Vailette

Function: Nominating Board Members; Orientation; Committees; Board Assessment
Meets: Quarterly or As Needed
Composition: President, 3 Board Members, 1 Outside Member
Current Members: Pat Sanders (Chair), Polly Fitz, Don Gentile, Mary-Rita Killelea, Beth Law

Function: Nomination of officers (members of the committee are not eligible for nomination to an office by the committee)
Meets: As Needed
Composition: 3 Board Members

Strategic Planning
Function: Ad hoc committee created December 2020 to develop a new strategic plan in 2021.
Meets: As Needed
Current Members: Michelle Blank (Chair), Maryann Amore, Beth Law, Cheryl Kaiden, Pat Sanders, Mary-Rita Killelea