Help Us Grow a Seed Library

The Blackstone Library is working with local gardener Ivy Bigelow to start a seed library! A seed library is a collection of donated seeds which users can “borrow” by taking home seeds, growing them into mature plants, and then returning offspring seeds.

If you or your organization has seeds to share, please consider donating them. We welcome donations of any ornamental or vegetable seeds. Simply place your seeds in an envelope or container with the type of seed, variety, and date of harvest.


Where can I donate seeds?
Blackstone Library Circulation Desk, located on the Ground Floor.

What should I include when donating?
Seeds must come in a container or envelope which notes:

  • Name of the plant
  • Variety name (if applicable)
  • Date of seed harvest

Can I include more information than required?
Yes! More information is valuable, and welcome. Some examples of what to include are:

  • The scientific name of a plant
  • Relevant provenance details
  • Special planting instructions Characteristics that make this seed especially valuable.

Is there a minimum number of seeds I can donate?
There is no minimum! But, if you are able to donate more, it is very helpful so that multiple growers can plant out enough seeds to ensure genetic diversity

Will you be sorting through the seeds?
Yes. We will remove seeds that are locally invasive species and varieties known to be illegal to save under intellectual property or patent law. If your seeds fall under this category, please do not donate them. If you are unsure if your seeds/the variety falls under this category, please contact us at

Still have questions? Contact Alondra Lopez,, 203-488-1441.