Event wrap-up: Murder at Blackstone Abbey

Friday the 13th, 2016, was a wonderful night for all who came out to Murder at Blackstone Abbey… for all but the mysterious woman! The Abbey was all set for a festive evening, with flowers and plants from Van Wilgen’s in abundance. But it was not to be a simply festive party. Attendees who came to visit Lord and Lady Westby at the Abbey learned that a woman had been found murdered not 20 minutes earlier!

Who was this woman? Who killed her? And, why? Attendees could not let this become a scandalous affair. They were asked to visit with each of the eight suspects and collect the ten clues to find out ‘whodunit.’ Intrepid sleuthers were on the case, though not everyone solved the murder, a good many did and food, drinks, and fun were had by all.


A very big thank you to the most excellent Round Table Players, starring:

Lord Westby:  Robert Esposito
Lady Westby:  Denise Smoker
Lady Lila:  Kelliann Festa
Lady Georgina:  Jillian Fiedler
Ambrose Haines:  Anthony Festa
Dr. Buford Macy:  Kevin Bartram
Eudora Crane:  Laura Melillo
Mr. Eaton:  Charlie Meglin
Bridgette:  Olivia Fiedler
Jacqueline:  Anna Meglin

Event made possible in part by these Clue Sponsors:


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Special thanks to Milano & Wanat LLC, Sarah’s Cupboard Thrift Shop, TGS Outdoors and Van Wilgen’s.