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We Cannot Wait to Meet You!

The Youth Services Department is fully open and ready to provide unlimited browsing, playing and e-access. We have areas set aside for connecting, quiet study and tutoring in order to meet a high range of needs. Children and families can seek general information, book recommendations and low level tech assistance at the Youth Services desk daily. Our collection spans more than books, making it possible for users to checkout early literacy backpacks, 3D print, use our library of things, access our museum passes, or meet our goldfish! All of these services and more are FREE and fully accessible with your library card. If you are a first time user or in need of replacement card you can register for one online.

Every month the Youth Services Department provides a variety of programs spanning from storytimes to book groups, hands-on events and grab-and-go activities. These events cover a wide age range so there truly is something for everyone at the Blackstone. All of these events are made possible by generous donations from the Friends of the James Blackstone Memorial Library and grants provided by the Allan Louis Loeb Foundation.

To learn more about what we have to offer, head to our new calendar. Some programs do require signup so that we can plan accordingly. Please check back regularly for changes or exciting additions each month.

For more information about any of our programs and/or services do not be afraid to call 203.488.1441.ext 321 or email.

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