Hogwarts at Blackstone: FAQs

When should we arrive?
The doors will open 30 minutes prior to the event start time.

Where do we go?
The rear entrance to the Blackstone Library will be transformed into Platform 9 ¾.

Where should we park?
There are parking lots in front and rear of the Blackstone Library and ample area parking.

When will we get our tickets?
As indicated on the website, you will not receive tickets, although you may wish to print off and bring your email confirmation.  You should plan to check in at the registration desk upon your arrival.

My child would like to attend the event with his/her friend, sister/brother, etc. Will they be together?
There are four groups in each session, designated by a colored lanyard. Children can choose to wear the same colored lanyard to stay with their friends/siblings.

Who should attend?
A Hogwarts Halloween is suitable for children ages 6 and older.

Will a snack be served?
No food will be served at or sent home from A Hogwarts Halloween for Kids. Honeydukes is closed this year.

Will there be an area for parents to wait during the event?
Unfortunately there is not a place to stay in the Blackstone Library while the event is going on.  However, there are lovely stores and a coffee shop within walking distance.

Where do I pick-up my child?
You may pick-up your child right where you dropped them off in the ground floor of the Blackstone Library.

Will there be things to buy at the event?
Yes, there will be a limited number of t-shirts and school portraits available at the event.  To be assured of your souvenir, please visit the website and preorder. You may place a preorder separately from your tickets. Credit cards and checks will be accepted at A Hogwarts Halloween for Kids, however, you may wish to bring cash to make your transactions quicker. Not available for pre-order are Hogwarts crest temporary tattoos at $1/each.

Will there be a cauldron raffle again this year?
Absolutely! You can buy an arm’s length of tickets for $5 and split your tickets into a bunch of different cauldrons or throw them all into one.