Branford Family Genealogies

The following genealogies, listed alphabetically by surname, are available for research in the Reference Department at the Blackstone Library. Many of the titles are available online; those titles are listed below with a link.

Genealogy Register of the Descendants of The Abbott Family, Rev. Abiel Abbott and Rev. Ephraim Abbott, Boston, James Monroe & Co., 1847

The Adams Family, James Truslow Adams, Little, Brown & Co., New York, 1930

The Allerton Family in the United States 1585-1885, Walter S. Allerton, Samuel Waters Allerton Co., Chicago, 1900

A History and Genealogical Record of the Alling-Allens of New Haven, Connecticut,  George P. Allen, Price, Lee & Atkins, New Haven, 1889

Atwater History and Genealogy, Francis Atwater, Journal Publishing Co., Meriden, 1901

Family History and Genealogy of the Descendants of Robert Augur of New Haven Colony, Edwin P, Augur, Middletown, Connecticut, 1904

The Averell-Averill-Avery Family, Clara A. Avery, 2 vols, Press of the Evangelical House, Cleveland

Clockmakers of the Avery Family in Connecticut, Amos B. Avery, Connecticut Historical Society, Hartford, 1987

Baker Ancestry, Frank Baker, Chicago, 1914

Balch Genealogy, Thomas Willing Balch, Allen Lane Publishing, Philadelphia, 1907

The Descendants of Deacon Aaron Baldwin of North Branford, Connecticut 1724-1800, George E. Baldwin, Forestville, NY, 1907

Memorial of John Denison Baldwin, Samuel E. Staples, Worcestor, Mass., 1884

Roger Allister 1830-1860, William F. Hasse, New Haven, 1984

Banning-Bradley and Allied Families, State Historical Society, Hartford, 1930

Barker Genealogy, Elizabeth Frye Barker, Frye Publishing Co., NY, 1927

Beach in America, Elmer T. Beach, Ilhing Brothers, Kallamazoo, Michigan, 1923

The Barnes Family Yearbook, Trescott C. Barnes, vol 1, Grafton Press, NY, 1907

In Memory of Alfred Smith Barnes, 1889

The Barnes Family of Easthampton, Long Island, Richard Winkoop, Tobias A. Wright Printer, reprint from The New England Genealogical Register, 1906

Betts Family History 1634-1958, Warren C. B. Robbins, Hampton Publishing Co, Inc., Concord, New Hampshire, 1959

Record of the Descendants of John Bishop of Guilford, Connecticut, William Whitney Cone and George Allen Root, John Guy Bishop Publishing, Nyack, NY, 1951

William Blackstone and His Relation to Massachusetts and Rhode Island, reprinted from The Churchman, Rev. B.F. DeCosta, Mallory & Co. Publishing, NY, 1880

Lineage and History of William Blackstone, John Wilford Blackstone, Frederick, Wisconsin, 1907

The William Blackstone Family, Nathaniel Brewster Blackstone, Homestead, Florida, 1974

The Life of John Blackstone 1660-1743, Nathaniel Brewster Blackstone, Homestead, Florida, 1974

The Blackstones, Origin of Their Name, Nathaniel Brewster Blackstone, Homestead, Florida 1974

Rev. William Blackstone, John C. Crane, Charles R. Stobbs Printer, Worcester, 1896

Blatchley Physicians and Pioneers, Descendants of Thomas Blatchley, Shirley Hathaway Stebbins, Gateway Press Inc., Baltimore, 1983

The Ancestry and Allied Families of Nathan Blake, III and Susan Torrey Blake, early residents of East Cornith, Vermont by Elmira Torrey Blake Phenno-Gendrot, Stanhope Press, Boston, 1916

Bliss and Holmes Descendants, Elinor Bliss Dayton and Arthur Bliss Dayton, New Haven Colony Historical Society, 1961

Botsford Family Genealogy 1639-1939, vol 2, the line of Joseph

Adventures in Ancestors, Eli Herbert Botsford, Botsford Family Association, Inc.

Descendants of Isaac Bradley of Branford and East Haven, Connecticut 1650-1898, Leanard Abram Bradley, NY, 1917

The Genealogy of the Brainerd Family in the United States, Rev. David D. Field, J.F. Trow Printer, NY, 1857

The Descendants of John Brockett, Edward J. Brockett, Orange Chronicle Printers, East Orange, NY, 1905

The Bromley Genealogy, Viola A. Bromley, Frederick H. Hitchcock Genealogy Publishing, NY, 1911

Descendants of Joseph Brown, compiled by Barbara Brown Avery, 2005, typescript

The Buckingham Family, Rev. F. W. Chapman, A.M. Case, Lockwood and Brainard, Hartford, 1872

Nebraska Pioneer, William Butler Ancestry and Descendants, Melda Haynes Shippey, Cottonport, Louisisana, 1973

Descendants of John Butler of Branford, Patricia M. Daniels, typescript, Desert Hot Springs, CA

The Champion Genealogy, Frances Bacon Trowbridge, Tuttle, Morehouse and Taylor, New Haven, 1891

William Chittenden of Guilford, Connecticut and His Descendants, Alvan Talcott, M.D., Tuttle, Morehouse and Taylor, New Haven, 1882

The Descendants of Nathaniel Clarke and His Wife Elizabeth Summerby of Newberry, Mass, George Kuhn Clarke, T.R. Marvin and Sons Printer, Boston, 1902

Genealogy of Benjamin Cleveland, Horace Gillett Cleveland, Rand McNally & Co., Cleveland, 1879

Coe-Ward Memorial and Immigrant Ancestors, Converse Publishing Co., 1897

Lineal ancestors of Captain James Cory and of his descendants, Charles H. Cory, 1937

Connecticut Yankee, Autobiography of Wilbur L. Cross, Yale University Press, New Haven, 1943

Davis Family Record, Charles H.S. Davis, M.D., Meriden, 1867

The Early Daytons and Descendants of Henry, Jr., Donald Lines Jacobus and Arthur Bliss Dayton, New Haven Colony Historical Society, New Haven, 1959

Captain George & Lady Ann, The Denisons of Pequotsepos Manor by Williams Haynes, Pequot Press, 1963

Captain George Denison by Eleanor E. Fuller, George and Ann Borodell Denison Society, 1941

Family of Dickerman Ancestry, Edward Dwight Dickerman and George Sherwood Dickerman, Tuttle , Morehouse and Taylor, New Haven, 1897, with supplement and charts, 1922

Dombrowski by Larry Kockler, self-published

Edmund Dorman Family of New Haven, Connecticut, Dorothy Mae Dorman Howell Stroble and Lillian Ruth Dorman Malone, typescript

Genealogy of the Male Descendants of Daniel Dod of Branford, Connecticut, Bethuel Dodd, M.D., and John R. Burnet, Daily Advertiser, Newark, NJ, 1864

Family Record of Daniel Dod, Rev. Stephen Dodd, East Haven, 1839

Genealogy of a Douglass-Donaldson Family, Ruth Cary Douglass, Gateway Press, 1996

History of the Descendants of John Dwight of Dedham, Mass, Ben W. Dwight, vol 1, John F. Trow and Sons, NY, 1874

New Haven Tercentenary 1638-1948, Memorial of Theophilus Eaton, George Dudley Seymour, Tuttle, Morehouse and Taylor, New Haven, 1938

Jonathan Edwards, Clarence H. Foust and Thomas H, Johnson, American Book Co., 1935

The Descendants of William Edwards, vol 1, Capt. Elizur Yale Smith, reprint from New York Genealogical and Biographical Record

Proceedings at the Reunion of the Descendants of John Elliot of Guilford, Connecticut, 1875

Our Ellsworth Ancestors, German E. Ellsworth and Mary Smith Ellsworth, Utah Printing Co.

Proceedings at the Reunion of the Descendants of John Elliot of Guilford, 2 vols, Frederick Clifton Pierce, Hammond Press, Chicago, 1901

A Fitch Family History, John T. Fitch, Picton Press Camden, Maine, 1990

Andrew Hull Foote, gunboat Commodore (1806-1863) by Allan Keller, Connecticut Civil War Centennial Commission

Foote Family, Vol I. and Vol II. Abram W. Foote, Marble City Press, Rutland Vermont, 1907

A Minister’s Wife in the American Revolution, Rebecca Foote of Branford, Roderick Terry

Genealogy of the Descendants of James Fowler, 1964

William Fowler, The Magistrate and One Line of His Descendants by William Chauncey Fowler

Frisbie Family Bulletin, several binders

The Frisbee-Frisbie Genealogy, Edward S. Frisbie, Albany, NY, 1919

The Frisbee-Frisbie-Frisby Family, Olin E. Frisbee, 1964

Edward Frisbie of Branford and His Descendants, Nora G. Frisbie, Gateway Press, Inc. Baltimore, vol. 1 in 1984, vol. 2 in 1987, vol. 3 in 1988

The Fulton-Hayden-Warner Ancestry in America, Clarence Ettienne Leonard, Tobias A. Wright Printer, NY, 1923

The Goodwins of Hartford, Connecticut, James Junius Goodwin, Brown and Gross, Hartford, 1891

The Descendants of Edward Granniss, Frederick Augustus Strong, 1927, Tuttle, Morehouse and Taylor, New Haven, 1927

Genealogy of the Descendants of Jasper Griffing, Clara J. Stone, 1881

Hallock Genealogy, Lucius H. Hallock, Orient, Long Island, NY, 1926

Memoir of Charlotte Hamilton, Ambrose Edson, Camfield and Robins Publishing, Hartford, 1836

A Daughter of Firenze, A Childhood in Italy, Rosamond Swan Hammer, Tuttle, Morehouse and Taylor, New Haven, 1924

A Tribute to Valdemar Thorvald Hammer 1868-1935, Charles R. Cooley

The Puritan Forebears of Marvin B. and Caroline T. Harrison by Grace Harrison Swift, 1976

The Hickok Genealogy Being Some of the Descendants of William Hickok of Farmington, Connecticut, Charles Nelson Hickok, Tuttle Publishing Co., Rutland,  Vermont, 1938

Sketch of the Life and Public Service of the Honorable James Hillhouse, Rev. Leonard Bacon, New Haven, 1860

A Family Record of the Descendants of Sergeant Edmund Hinman, R.R. Hinman, NY, 1856

The Genealogy of the Hitchcock Family, Mrs. Edward Hitchcock, sr., Press of Carpenter and Morehouse, Amherst, Mass., 1894

Hoadley Genealogy, typescript, 1977

The Hoadley Genealogy, Francis Bacon Trowbridge, Tuttle, Morehouse and Taylor, New Haven, 1894

Thomas Hooker, George Leon Walker, Dodd, Doubleday and Mead Co., 1891

Howe Family in America, Clinton A. Howe, Haywood, California, 1992

Genealogy of the Ives Family, Arthur Coon Ives, Hungerford-Holbrook Co., Watertown, NY, 1932

A Memorial of John S. Jameson, Theodore J. Holmes

Keeler Family, Ralph Keeler of Norwalk, Connecticut and Some of His Descendants, Wesley B. Keeler, Gateway Press, Inc., Baltimore, 1985

A Genealogy of the Descendants of William Kelsey, Edward A. Claypool and Azalea Clizbee, vol. 1, Tuttle, Morehouse and Taylor, New Haven, vol. 1 in 1928, vol. 2 in 1929, vol. 3 in 1947

The Lees of Virginia, Burton J. Hendrick, Little, Brown and Co., Boston, 1935

The Family of William Leete, Edward L. Leete, Tuttle, Morehouse and Taylor, New Haven, 1884

The Ancestry of Abraham Lincoln, J. Henry Lea and J.R. Hutchinson, Houghton Miffin Co., Boston and NY, 1909

The Diary of Malachi Linsley of Branford, Connecticut, transcribed 1993

The Six Johns (Linsley), Ray Keyes Linsley, typescript, Bristol, Conn.

The Descendants of Joseph Loomis, Elias Loomis, Tuttle, Morehouse and Taylor, New Haven, 1875

Certain Members of the Lord Family, Kenneth Lord, Rumford Press, Concord, New Hampshire, 1945

Colonel Henry Luddington, Willis Fletcher Johnson, NY, 1907

Maltby-Maltbie Family History, Dorothy Maltby Verrill, Birdsey L. Maltbie, New Jersey

Marsh Genealogy, Dwight Whitney Marsh, Amherst, Mass., 1895

The Mather Family, Kenneth Enoch Pond, Boston, 1844

The Life and Times of Major John Mason 1600-1672, Louis B. Mason, G.P. Putnam’s & Sons, NY, 1935

The Mathews Family of Connecticut and New Hampshire, typescript, State Historical Society

Reunion of the Descendants of Nathaniel Merriman, Donald Lines Jacobus, New Haven, 1914

A Life and Brief Account of the Patriotic Services of Jonathan Mix of New Haven, William Phipps Blake, Tuttle, Morehouse and Taylor, New Haven, 1886

Genealogy of the Morris Family, Mrs. Lucy Ann (Morris) Carhart, A.S. Barnes Co., NY, 1911

Lineal Ancestry of Rhoda (Axtell) Cory, vol. 2, 2 parts

Lineal Ancestry of Susan (Mulford) Corey, vol. 3, 2 parts

Lineal Ancestry of Susan (Kitchell) Mulford, vol. 4, 2 parts

A Munsey-Hopkins Genealogy, D.O.S. Lowell, Boston, 1920

Rev. Roger Newton, Caroline Gaylord Newton, 1912

Some Descendants of John Norton from Branford, Walter Whittlesey Norton, Journal Press, Lakeville, Conn., 1909

George Page of Branford, Connecticut, Edith (Moyer) Page, 1977

The Descendants of Robert Page, Colonel George W. Page, Center for Graphic Communication, Inc., Portsmouth, New Hampshire, 1992

The Genealogy of One Line of William Palmer of Wethersfield and Westchester, New York, David A. Palmer

Pierson Genealogical Records collected and compiled by Lizzie B. Pierson of Andover, Mass.

The Life of Henry Bradley Plant, G. Hutchinson Smyth, G.P. Putnam’s Sons, NY, 1898

The House of Plant, George S. Dickerman, Tuttle, Morehouse and Taylor, New Haven, 1900

The Plants in Branford, typescript

Some Kind of Paradise, Mark Derr, William Morrow & Co., 1989, NY, 1989 (development of Florida including data on Henry Bradley Plant)

Henry Bradley Plant in Florida, Dudley S. Johnson, Oct 1966, Florida Historical Quarterly

The Descendants of John Porter, George W. Ball Publishing, Saratoga Springs, NY, 1882

Porter Family Record, Cyrus Kinne Porter, Buffalo, NY

William Pynchon, Merchant and Colonizer by Ruth A. McIntyre, Connecticut Valley Historical Museum, 1961

Rogers Family Descendants, compiled by Barbara Brown Avery, 2005, typescript

Rogers-Ward-Shipman and Allied Families, Harold I. Mayer, MD, and others, Chicago

Rockwell Harmon Potter, First Church of Christ, Hartford

Genealogical History of the Redfield Family in the United States, John Howard Redfield, Albany : Munsell & Rowland, New York : Richardson, 1860.

James Rogers of New London, Connecticut, James Swift Rogers, 1902

The Rogers Family Remembered, Bryant Winstanley Rogers, 1998

Descendants of Robert Rose, Christine Rose, Braun Mumfield, Inc., Michigan, 1983

Russell Family, typescript

Ancestry of Alfred Russell and Caroline Harrison, Alfred Lovell Russell, typescript, 1928

A Genealogical Register of the Descendants of John Scranton of Guilford, Connecticut, Rev. Erastus Scranton, Case Tiffany and Co., Hartford, 1855

Samuel Seabury, Priest and Physician, Herbert Thoms, MD, Shoestring Press, Hamden Conn., 1963

Miles to Go Before I Sleep, Samuel Seabury’s Journal, Ann W. Rowthorn, Church Missions Publishing Co., Hartford, 1982

The Seymour Genealogy, July 1918, reprint from New England Genealogical and Historical Register

Puritan Migration to Connecticut, The Seymour Family, Malcolm Seymour, Phoenix Pub, Canaan, New Hampshire, 1982

The Shepard Family of New England, Gerald Faulkner Shepard, New Haven Colony Historical Society, New Haven, 1971, 3 vols

Shepard Genealogy, typescript

Rev. John Sherman (scrapbook of newspaper articles)

Old Silltown, Sarah Sill Welles Burt, W. Griswold Burt, 1912

Memories and Traditions (Starkweather Family), Jane S. Baldwin, Rosehill, Waterbury, Connecticut, 1902

John Steevens of Guilford, Connecticut, Claude Willis Barlow, Clark University, Worcester, Mass., 1976

The Family of John Stone, William L. Stone II, Joel Munsell’s Sons Publishing, Albany, NY, 1888

The Family of John Stone, Truman Lewis Stone, Charles Welles Boulton, Buffalo, 1898

The Street Genealogy, Henry A. Street, Jon Templeton Printer, Newsletter Press, Exeter, New Hampshire, 1895

Extracts from the Records of Colchester, Charles M. Taintor, Case, Lockwood and Co., Hartford, 1864 (Taintor Family)

The Genealogy and History of the Taintor Family, Charles M. Taintor, Greenfield, Mass., 1847

Herbert E. Thatcher, funeral service, First Congregational Church, Branford, Connecticut, 1939

Townsend Heritage, Doris B. Townsend, New Haven Colony Historical Society, 1971

The Townsend Family, Charles Herving Townsend, Tuttle, Morehouse and Taylor, New Haven, 1884

The Trowbridge Family, Rev. F.W. Chapman, Punderson Crisend and Co., New Haven, 1872

John Trumbull Genealogy (chart)

Jonathan Trumbull, Little, Brown & Co., Boston, 1919

Jonathan Trumbull, Glenn Weber, Connecticut Historical Society, Hartford, 1956

American Backlogs, the Story of Gertrude Tyler and Family, Mrs. Theodore Rossevelt and Kermit Rossevelt, Charles Scribner’s and Sons, NY, 1928

The Tyler Genealogy, Willard I. Tyler Brigham, Cornelius B. Tyler Publisher, NJ, 1912 vol 1 and vol 2

The Tyler Genealogy, Willard I. Tyler Brigham and Calvin Seabrick Tyler, 3 vols, Calvin Seabrick Tyler Co., Grand Rapids, Michigan, vol. 3, 1976

Tyler Families of Early Branford, typescript, Frederick T. Lawton, 1951

The Upson Family of America, Upson Family Association, Tuttle, Morehouse and Taylor, New Haven, 1940

Descendants of Henry Wallbridge, William Gedney Wallbridge, Franklin Printing Co., Philadelphia, 1898

Wardwell, The Life and Times and Thomas and William Wardwell, Marjorie Wardwell Otten, Delmar, 1985

The Pedigree and History of the Washington Family, Albert Welles, New York  Historical Society Library, 1879

History of the Weld Family, Charlotte Weld Fowler, Hilton and King Printers, Middletown, Conn., 1879

John Whitehead of New Haven and Branford, James Shepard, reprinted from NEHGR, 1902

The Wilfords of Branford, Elizabeth Hitchcock Gregory, 1975

Willis Family of New England, Charles Ethel Burt Willis and Francis Caroline Willis, Witman and Garrett, Inc., Richmond, Virginia, 1917

Winchester Notes, Mrs. Fanny Winchester Hotchkiss, Tuttle, Morehouse and Taylor, New Haven, 1912

The Yale Family, Elihu Yale, Store and Stone Printers, New Haven, 1850

Yale Genealogy, Rodney Horace Yale, Beatrice, Nebraska, 1908

Lineal Ancestry of Rufus Rennington Young and Jane Bosburth Young, 1937