Thimble Islands and Captain Kidd

The Thimble Islands are the largest group of islands in Connecticut, about 30 of which are inhabited in the summer.  You can view/download a pdf copy of the 1988 registration form on the Thimble Islands from the National Register of Historic Places here. There is a brief history on the Connecticut History website and the Blackstone Library has a number of histories and articles on the Thimbles.

Thimble Islands

Photo credit: Branford Historical Society, Earl Colter, photographer


In an article in the New Haven Register, published in 1898, it was reported that a young lieutenant of the pirate Captain Kidd was in a duel with the brother of James Blackstone, who was visiting from England. Blackstone’s brother was quite the swordsman, and but for his fear of the pirate, would have vanquished Kidd’s lieutenant.

Blackstone Kidd Duel

New Haven Register – July 29, 1898