Pine Orchard Country Club

Pine Orchard Club

Photo credit: Branford Historical Society

The Pine Orchard Club opened on July 28, 1900. The clubhouse had a dance hall, locker rooms, a reception room with a fireplace and a stage with dressing rooms, for amateur performances. In 1901, the Pine Orchard Improvement Society was formed, with Alden M. Young as president and the first meeting of the Pine Orchard Country Club, Inc. was held at Young’s home, the Anchorage, in September of that year. The Club owned the clubhouse building, but leased the land and golf course from the A. M. Young Company. The breakwater was completed in 1926 and harbor dredging was completed in 1931. The club fared fairly well during the Hurricane of 1938 and a pool was added in 1940. The club hosted a number of theatrical shows over the years and many high school classes have held their prom or reunion there.