Maya Vulinovic’s Black & White Portraits

Come see a new black & white portrait photography display in our gallery by Maya Vulinovic on display this May and June!

About the Artist

Maya Vulinovic is a Croatian born photographer whose work explores the intersection of beauty and mysticism of the human face. She is intrigued and fascinated by the untold story hidden behind a subject’s face which is often outlined with perfect human imperfections. She often creates black and white portraits and, by stripping away all the colors, forces you to look and think. Her work gives you a visual feast and allow you the freedom to create your own story. She goes beyond the face as being just a crucial part of human identity.

She came to  the United States in 1995 after four years of civil war in Croatia. While craving peace and longing for solace she rediscovered freedom.  What a journey it has been!