Lisa Wilder Memorial Photography Exhibit

Explore Ireland, Belgium, and Italy through the beautiful travel photography of Lisa Wilder. On display this September and October!

About the Artist

Lisa Wilder grew up in Framingham, Massachusetts, with her parents and two brothers. Her interest in photography started early: “As a child, I had one thing I cherished most, my Kodak camera. Taking pictures was always my passion.”  In 1982, she received her bachelor’s degree in social work at Southern University in New Haven, where she also took classes in photography.  After graduating, she worked in marketing and then in sales with her father, before becoming a professional photographer.  She began in product photography, but soon expanded to food and portrait work.  Her photographs appeared in juried shows, and she won two awards for her work. Lisa’s creativity shone in her pictures, and she also expressed her creativity in refurbishing furniture and creating beautiful landscapes at her home. She employed her photographic skills as well in annual clever holiday family photos of her family featuring her husband Marvin, her kid children, Michael, Kayleigh, Ronan, Jack, and Morgan and her beloved dogs, Izo and Chai. Lisa died unexpectedly in Switzerland while on a trip with her family. Soon after her tragic passing, the idea for an exhibit to commemorate her work emerged from Lisa’s friends and family.

This exhibit features a sample of Lisa’s photographic interests, from photos supplied by Lisa’s husband Marvin and her daughter Kayleigh. Many of the images depict her travel photography from visits to Ireland, Belgium, and Italy. These images depict Lisa’s focus–in her own words–on “creating . . .through the use of textures, shapes, colors, and props,” and emphasizing “the use of lighting to create just the right atmosphere.”

A close friend of Lisa’s since their college days, Linda Roberts coordinated this exhibit, with the expert guidance of the well-known photographer based in New Haven, Paul Duda. Lisa’s son, Michael and daughter-in-law Sam,  Lisa’s brother Evan and his spouse Rey, provided support.  We are very grateful to the Branford Blackstone Library for allowing us to use their beautiful atrium for Lisa’s Memorial Photography Show, and to Deirdre Santora, Associate Librarian, for her support in facilitating the arrangements.

Additional photography by Lisa Wilder may be found at