Introducing Digital Archives!

The Blackstone Library is celebrating our 125th anniversary in 2021. One of the ways we’re marking this important occasion is to bring our archival holdings into the 21st century with a new digital archive that’s available anytime, anywhere!

The library has long partnered with the Branford Historical Society to house materials related to the history of both the library and Branford. Now, instead of having to come to us, you’ll be able to browse these collections from wherever you are. Check it out here!

What is Omeka?
The library is using the open source software Omeka to bring our archives to you. It’s easy to navigate and useful for both serious scholars and armchair researchers alike. We’ll be adding to the site regularly so be sure to keep checking back!

What Can I See?
We’ve currently uploaded several photo collections and are beginning to add documents to the site. Right now you can browse collections on the Branford Carnival (1905-1910), the construction of the Blackstone Library, and a small sample of our 1938 Hurricane collection.

Help Us Prioritize!
Is there a particular aspect of Branford history you’re interested in? A collection you can’t wait to look through? Tell us about it! We have hundreds of items to upload so we want to know what you’re the most eager to explore. Send us an email at to share your thoughts!